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Wrath Crows, Watercolor Painting on Paper by Indian Artist Biju P Mathew

The Lion Historian, Acrylic on Canvas

Busy Morning: Kuttanad Series - Acrylic on Canvas

The Stream : Impressionist Landscape Painting in Watercolor

Lazy Morning : Kuttanad Series Acrylic Painting on Canvas

The Flower Queen, Acrylic on Canvas

Waterfall, Landscape Painting by Biju P Mathew, Indian Artist from Kerala

The Birdcharmer - Watercolor Painting on Paper by Biju Kerala Artist

No Distraction - Watercolor on Paper

A shoulder to chirp on

Kuttanad Series: Morning Chore

Real Happiness

The Art of Convincing

Jnana Padma Series - Jnanapadma-1

Jnana Padma Series - Jnanapadma-2

Jnana Padma Series - Jnanapadma-3

Jnana Padma Series - Jnanapadma-4

Unreal City -Acrylic on Canvas

Life on Mobius Strips

Backwaters of Kerala, Watercolor on Paper

Backwaters of Kerala 2, Watercolor on Italian Paper

Balancing Act, Acrylic on Canvas

Country Road, Acrylic on Paper

Blue Lotus, Acrylic on Canvas

Calla Lilly, Acrylic on Canvas, Framed

Classical Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas

Classical Landscape Reproduction, Acrylic on custom made canvas

Floral Swing, Acrylic on Paper, Framed

Floral Temptation

Guava Fruit, Acrylic on Paper, Framed

Kuttanad Landscae, Acrylic on acid free paper

Kuttanad Landscape with House Boat

Lake Isle of Kuttanad, Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Like a Song

Work in progress stage of the painting "Floral Swing"