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Unique Painting of Jesus in oil painting impasto style with limited color palette. High Quality Large Printable as Instant Download

Jesus and Mary of Bethany, Digital Oil Painting, High Quality Printable, Highly Detailed Painting, Instant Digital Download, Large Wall Art

Jesus 8, Humorous interpretation of Omnipresence

Expressive digital watercolor painting of Jesus Christ (No. 7) unique high quality printable instant download

Jesus Christ (No. 13) Unique, one of a kind painting, High quality printable digital painting available as instant download

Jesus (No. 12) Digital Painting of Jesus Christ, Painterly Oil Painting Style, Impasto, Alla Prima, Youthful and Handsome

Jesus (No.11) Beautiful Painterly Portrait of Jesus Christ, with Visible Paint Strokes, Impasto, Alla Prima Style Done Digitally

I Saw That - Jesus Christ Digital painting in Oil Painting Style by Biju

Jesus Christ digital painting in painterly oil painting style, thick paint strokes, semi impressionist. Jesus5

Jesus Christ digital painting in painterly watercolor style. Jesus6

Jesus digital painting in painterly oil painting style. Jesus2

Elegant painting of Jesus, uniquely done in alla prima, oil painting style digitally. Jesus3

Jesus Painting done digitally in traditional alla prima, impasto oil painting style. Unique Painting, Instant download for printing and framing. Jesus4

Unique Painting of Jesus, not available anywhere else, in traditional impasto oil painting style, done digitally. Jesus1