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Soft Power Series Number 1

Soft Power Series Number 1 19 x 12 inches Prints available Larger and smaller prints can be custom made.

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Orange Bee-eater Watercolor Bird Painting

Julia - Background Painted with Verve Painter

Anamika - Portrait Painting

"Superheroes" Digital Painting - Covid Themed Painting

In Pea'cock' Plumes

Little Secret, Pencil Sketch

Soft Power Series Number 2

Vasantika, Daughter of the Spring, Digital Painting by Biju P Mathew

Malampuzha, Landscape Painting, Acrylic

Commissioned landscape painting

Flora, Digital Painting by Biju P

What is meant by Limited Edition Prints?

Holy Mary, Digital Painting by Biju P

Dreaming up A River

Demure - Watercolor on Paper

Seeker - Watercolor on Paper

Narrator - Watercolor on Paper

Interpreter - Watercolor on Paper

Wrath Crows, Watercolor Painting on Paper by Indian Artist Biju P Mathew