Artist's Statement

"Artists are the people among us who realize creation didn't stop on the sixth day. ”   -  Joel Peter Witkin

Art begins with nature.  Nature is what you see plus what you think about it.  These combinations can be numerous and as scuh the wonders it can throw open are myriad and limitless.  It can surprise you at every step if you learn the art of observation.  This surprise is the basic ingredient of my paintings.

The greatest benefit I have from painting is an ability to find 'beauty' in ordinary people, places, and things that normally go unnoticed.  So obviously my art tries to bring out this beauty.  A painting communicates with the spectator however abstract it is.  As I believe in this communication, I love to infuse some drama into my paintings. I have great admiration for all schools of art but I have a bias in favour of artistic/technical skill.

Even if I am going against the grain, I would like to have variety in my subjects, techniques and mediums.  At present I am working on visual 'reading's of different literary texts, a landscape series and Jnanapadma series of paintings with realistic and symbolic lotuses in them.

Next time you visit this page you may see a different statement.  That is because, I can’t help learning.