Soft Power Series Number 2

Soft Power Series Number 2
19 x 12 inches Prints available
Larger and smaller prints can be made on demand.

Biju's Art Prints Available, Kerala Artist

Kerala artist Biju's Paintings varnachitra

Malampuzha, Landscape Painting, Acrylic

Malampuzha landscape painting acrylic on canvas by Biju P Mathew
Malampuzha Reservoir
Acrylic on Canvas
14 x 10 inches (unframed)

Commissioned landscape painting

commissioned landscape painting, acrylic by Biju P
Commissioned Work
Landscape Painting
31x19.5 inches
Acrylic impasto on canvas

In the private collection of Mrs Sandhya Karanavar

Flora, Digital Painting by Biju P

Digital Painting by Kerla Artist, Biju P, Prints Available

Digital Drawing
Prints available in sizes, 11x14 inches and 8x11 inches
Contact for details

What is meant by Limited Edition Prints?

Original paintings are one of a kind and they are costly.  But if we want copy of a painting that is limited in print count we can pretty much say that the painting is not available widely.  So there is less chance for you to bump into the same painting in different drawing rooms.

If a painting is marked as limited edition with 100 copies, it means that only 100 prints of that painting will be sold. 

Holy Mary, Digital Painting by Biju P

Christian Digital Painting by Indian Artist Biju P
Holy Mary
Digital Painting
Limited Edition Prints Available on textured paper (unframed)
11.5 x 15 inches (100 copies)
8.5 x 11 inches  (100 copies)
For prices contact