Custom Made Landscape Paintings for you !

This service is unavailable until further notice due to busy schedule. Inconvenience regretted.  -Biju  


Custom painted landscapes of your local sights can be ordered. You can order custom painted landscapes, cityscapes or other landmarks of your homeland by sending me high quality photographs of the scene. Kindly send more than one photograph of the location. Allow for some artistic license to alter the details to suit the artistic composition. The work would be executed such a way that it will be relevant on somebody else’s wall too. Contact me with your suggestions and opinions. At various stages of creation I can send you the pictures of the unfinished work so that you can have a glimpse of how the work is progressing. Remember that I have my own style for landscapes. See my finished works so that your expectations don’t lead you to disappointment. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion and two more for shipping.

Remember… Paintings are not photographs. Sorry to say that I have only a limited time to spare for commissioned work. So all the orders may not be accepted. But I may be able to give you a tentative future time slot. In that case you are free to cancel your order at any time before it is confirmed.

Contact me with your requirements.

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