Preparing for the transformative impact of AI on Digital Artists. What am I doing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming numerous industries, and digital art is no exception. While AI presents exciting opportunities, it also poses challenges that digital artists must navigate. Let me discuss what I am thinking about it so that I can remain relevant and successful in this evolving landscape, hopefully.

At present the AI image outputs often require human post-processing, but the rapid advancements in AI suggest that its capabilities will soon rival those of world-class digital artists.  As AI becomes more adept at creating digital art, the supply of digital media is expected to skyrocket. This increase will likely outpace the growth in demand, potentially reducing the average value of digital art. Consequently, digital artists may need to adjust their approach to sustain their careers.

My Solutions to Adapt to the AI-Driven Market

Incorporate AI in My Workflow

One straightforward approach is to incorporate AI into my creative process. By leveraging AI to generate initial drafts or concepts, I can streamline the workflow and focus on refining the outputs. However, artists should be cautious of becoming overly reliant on AI, which might evolve to have reduced need for human intervention.  I have a series of religious paintings in which I over painted some imperfect AI generated images.  These paintings have taken me quite long to complete and they are more than 50% manual work.  But AI has helped a lot in starting out on these projects.

Diversify My Creative Mediums

AI is proficient at single tasks, making specialists more susceptible to automation. To counteract this, digital artists can use AI to diversify their creative outputs. By exploring other mediums such as writing, music, video, and coding, artists can create more comprehensive projects like animations, comic books, or even feature-length films independently. This diversification can open new avenues for creativity and income.  Process videos, courses, articles on art and art history, ebooks, etc. are on my bucket list.

Broaden My Skillset and Concentrate on my Niches

Combining digital art skills with other complementary abilities can help artists stand out in the saturated market. So I am trying my hand at web design, social media marketing, video editing, motion graphics, a little bit of 3D. Utilizing platforms like YouTube, blogs, and social media tools, I am planning to build a distinct personal brand.

Lean into my Humanity and Traditional Methods

To differentiate from AI-generated art, I can emphasize the human touch in my work. Recording and sharing the creative process, creating video content, and engaging directly with audiences can highlight my individuality. Additionally, I am exploring traditional media, because it is where I began.  I am trying my hand at non conventional paints like coffee, natural stains, sand, colors extracted naturally from vegetables etc.  I am also planning to hand-embellish prints to give them uniqueness. This approach, in my opinion, focuses on quality over quantity, leveraging the irreplaceable human element in art.

Be Bold to Showcase some Imperfections

I think people will appreciate the flaws and imperfections of a hand painted piece more than the machine made perfection.  So I plan to create a series of digital sketches and paintings that doesn't use Ctrl-Z.  Also my view is that sometimes the imperfect sketches look aesthetically better than the finished products themselves.  So why not showcase them.


The rise of AI in digital art represents both a challenge and an opportunity for digital artists. By adapting their workflows, diversifying their skills, and emphasizing their humanity, artists can remain relevant and successful in this evolving landscape. Each artist's path will be unique, but by preparing now, the digital art community can thrive amidst the coming changes.


Article written by
Biju Mathew


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