Who is the artist?

The artist is Biju P Mathew, from Kerala, India.  Read my bio

What is the style and type of these paintings?

I have great admiration for all the different painting styles.  I have no hesitation to admit that my paintings are influenced by the paintings I see around me just as they are inspired by the world around me.  But I try not to simply imitate them.  I don’t want my art to be restrictive.  I don’t want to be termed as a landscape artist, portrait artist, floral painter, realist painter, surrealist painter or anything of that sort.  I don’t want to paint horses or lotus ponds or any such specific topics throughout my life.  I enjoy variety.  But I paint series’ of paintings on specific themes and in specific techniques.  I see each painting I begin as a challenge as well as a source of enjoyment.

What are the materials used?

Most often I use acrylic paint on canvas or acid free paper.  I also paint with watercolors, pastels, colored pencil, graphite pencil, charcoal, and crayons.  I use different texturing techniques.  Some I learned from others and some I developed myself. For some paintings I use supplies imported from Italy and England.

How lasting are the paintings?

Acrylic paints are generally long lasting.  The supports I use are also long lasting.  But as you know these are made by other companies whose production quality we have to take for granted.  I sometimes make my own supports by applying gesso on paper and linen type cloth. Sometimes when my method of paintings requires a certain amount of absorption of paint by the support, I make my own canvas.  The paints I use are artist’s quality.  If I have apprehensions about the materials used, I will mention that frankly along with the description of the painting and of course that will reflect on the price.  In my opinion my cheapest painting will last at least 50 years.  The paintings will last 100s of years if you give proper care for them.  Read my articles on conservation.
Are the paintings framed?

Generally no.  Unless otherwise mentioned, they are unframed. If you want to have framed painting, contact me.

What about Digital Painting prints?
Limited editions of digital painting prints that are personally signed can be ordered.

How can I order the paintings?

Please mail me the following details

1.  Painting Reference Number and Name

2.  Your name and address

3.  Your phone number for easy contact(optional)

4.  Your  E mail address

5.  The mode of delivery you choose (see details)

6.  Payment Option (see details)

Contact me with your order.

How will the painting be delivered?

The painting will be sent to you rolled in a tube by one of the following methods you choose.

1.  By Registered Post

2.  By VPP

3.  By Speed Post

4.  By Courier

What are the payment options?

Contact me 

What is the pricing policy?

The prices are really affordable and realistic.  Many factors go into pricing.  The prices of materials used and time spent on the work are the primary ones. The idea, thought, planning, execution and many other factors influence the quality and price of paintings.

Will these paintings appreciate in value over time?

No guarantee here.  But what can be guaranteed is that these paintings will contribute to your interiors in many different ways.  Some of your visitors will definitely admire them. (Not all of course, because the tastes of people are so varied).  
Can I return the painting if I am not satisfied?

Yes.  Deducting the transportation charges the balance amount will be sent back to you if you return the painting in the same pristine condition within 10 days of delivery.

Can I personally inspect the painting before buying?

Yes.  If you can drop in at Changanassery you can come to the address provided on the contact page.  You are welcome to see the paintings yourself.

Are the images on the site reliable regarding the quality of actual paintings?

To a great extent.  I use a Canon semiprofessional digital camera to take the pictures. The quality, brightness/contrast adjustments and reliability of your monitor as well as the browser you use may affect your impression of these images.

Can you share your methods and techniques?

See the painting process page.  If you want more contact me.

How can I ensure the originality of the painting?

I keep a database of the owners of my paintings.  On this site I would like to present the information on the current owners of each painting if they are willing.  If you are a prospective buyer you will be presented as a proud owner with your details, comments and photograph, provided you are willing.  If you sell your painting please inform me so that the authenticity can be verified at this site.  If you require, I can also provide you with a certificate of authenticity.

What about copyrights?

The copyrights are reserved.  That means, you own the painting, the copyright rests with me.  What injustice…you might be thinking.  Not really.  Only the rights to reproduce or duplicate the painting rests with me.  The painting is all yours. You can do whatever you like with it… except of course duplicating it.

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