This site is only my personal attempt to showcase my artwork.  I don’t claim total accuracy and completeness of content.  The visitor of this site assumes all responsibility and risk involved in using this website.  This site provided free of charge for information purpose only.

The materials used to produce the paintings shown here are good quality ones.  But they are bought from commercial art stores.  I have no system to test the quality or longevity of these materials including the support and paints.  My hope is that they will last long.  But I do not guarantee their longevity in the present condition.  The size of the painting shown here is the effective area that can be exposed while framing.  The actual size may be larger but that goes under the mount or frame.  This extra area may not be as neat as the painting itself.  If a border is necessary, that has to be achieved through the use of mount/mat used while framing.

If the user decides to buy a painting, he agrees to buy it in the present condition.  He can inspect the painting personally at the location provided on the contact page.  The photograph of the painting provided on this site may vary in appearance slightly from the original artwork due to various technical reasons.  The decision to buy a painting is at the sole discretion of the user, and he has full responsibility over that decision.  No arguments about the quality of the work can be entertained after the purchase.  By placing an order, the user agrees to pay the price of the artwork + delivery charges at actual + applicable taxes if any.  The paintings on offer are all unframed unless otherwise specified.

Proper care will be taken while sending the artwork by placing it inside a secure package.  The responsibility of any damage (god forbid) due to the mishandling during shipping will not be mine.  But if the damage is so severe, I will not be so inhuman as not to listen to your grievance.  Immediately after dispatch, details like consignment number, bill number date of sending etc will be sent to you via email, and you are advised to contact the shipping agency directly in case of delay or other issues.

At any stage prior to making the payment the user is free to cancel the order.

Within 10 days from the date of delivery of the painting, you can return the painting if you are not happy with the painting.  After getting the painting back, I will reimburse the amount deducting the shipping cost for delivery and return and the charges of money transfer.   But this offer of reimbursement is applicable if and only if the painting is not damaged in any way.

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